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You can Call me BitcoinChief as Most People Do. I'm a Father of Two Boys, Early Bitcoin Investor, Bestselling Author, Real Estate Investor and Successful Cryptocurrency Trader. My Mission is to Help you Maximize the Potential and Opportunities on the Internet.

Gaius Chibueze AKA Bitcoin Chief:

Most people refer to me as Africa’s Pioneer Investor in Bitcoin as I bought my first set of Bitcoin In 2011, 3 years after Bitcoin was created. I’m the founder of ABiT Mobile Applications Limited, a global Tech Company creating blockchain and cryptocurrency powered solutions with focus on the Africa community. The company has produced 3 different application solutions which are:

  • @theabitapp: A mobile and web app for Learning, Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies with a multi coin wallet to store and run easy crypto transactions.
  • @ABiTCrowd: World’s first blockchain powered real estate Crowdfunding platform.
  • @abitdiscountshoppers: A Decentralized E-Commerce Platform with a balance advantage to buyers and sellers where anyone can buy goods at big discounts of up to 30-50% and sellers ship at zero cost to cover discount.

My mission is to help people understand the enormous potentials of the internet and how they can leverage the opportunities it offers to sell anything for easy and maximum profit using the power of the new media. I was a former Senior Adviser on New Media to a Senator at the National Assembly Abuja. In 2016, i was awarded “Most Popular Nigerian on social media 2016” by the Association of Nigerian Bloggers. I have trained over 1000 persons who are currently making a living by trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes, using a smartphone. Two of my books “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off The Net” are bestsellers which have sold over five thousand copies each on Amazon and other social media platforms. I am fortunate to have been blessed with two lovely sons Russell Ikemba Chibueze and Chimaroke Ekuri Chibueze.. It will be my pleasure to help you Start this amazing Journey and support you until you succeed Chat me below on any of my services you want let’s get started.

What I Offer ?

My Mission is to Help you Maximize the Potential and Opportunities on the Internet. Here are a list of services I offer

Bitcoin and Blockchain Education

As a pioneer investor in Bitcoin, a profitable Cryptocurrency trader and professional blockchain enthusiast, I prioritize the knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain system for newbies just getting started. I’ll explain in simple to understand English the technical terms and words to you. What they stand for, the most important ones and how they relate.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Training

There’s no fear of if I will be able to do it or not, profitable or not with my beginners and advance trading courses that have helped a lot of my students become profitable and gain financial freedom, I will take you by hand and show how to do it like the professionals. You will not have to make the same mistakes repeatedly, and no trial and errors as I have already done all that for you.

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Real Estate Investments

I work with individuals & entities to find and close profitable real estate deals across the globe for short and long term commitment and investment through one of my company solution called ABiT Crowdfunding, I’m leaving the opportunity door open to anyone with little capital to own assets by participating in Crowdfunding that gives opportunity to individuals to co-own real estate properties across the globe with other related investors.

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Bitcoin/Crypto Investment Consultation

I will show you Where exactly to spread your money across the fast growing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Industry for good return on investment with minimal risk? With my experience and my constantly updated research team, we will provide you with the best Investment advise on what coin or crypto project to invest your money in for long term gain. You can be sure of getting it right with me.

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Digital Marketing Training

From running successful ad campaign on Facebook, Instagram to building your own personal brands and closing sales leveraging on customers trust, I will put you through my secret of how I Rose from nothing to becoming one of Africa’s successful and well known digital marketer who has sold over 5,000 copies of self published books on the Internet and generated revenue of over 50 Million Naira selling Digital product

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How to Sell on the Internet

Selling can be hard yet every business needs a customer to survive. Knowing the sales and Persuation secret will save you a lot of time and put more money in your pocket that’s why I’m willingly to teach you my sales secrets that have helped me closed thousands of dollars (millions of naira) in digital products sales. I will teach you the three (3 ) reasons people buy and how you can sell anything to anyone using these 3 Strategies.

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